Internship Testimonials
"I am a current Senior undergrad from Rhode Island School of Design, and this past Summer 2016 I had the pleasure of interning at Nelipak Healthcare Packaging as their industrial design intern. From the first day, they were extremely patient in teaching me the foundations of their business. My manager, Chris somehow finds time within his busy schedule to walk me through their factory and explain the process of thermoforming plastic, even taking me through their clean room to see firsthand the trays being produced. He made sure I thoroughly understood how their product is manufactured so I can make informed decisions in my designs. In addition, it was important that I not only understood the thermoforming process, but also the purpose of their product. Manufacturing packaging for medical products meant there were strict medical standards and tests to be passed. I was explained to the situations and environments that the trays would be used in, and why certain products such as implants must be contained within at least two barriers of packaging. I learned of the multiple methods of sterilization and also how Tyvek seals are utilized. I've learned to take inaccuracies of the die-cut into account, to increase the radius of sharp corners, to make sure the flange width is wide enough for a secure seal, to add ridges and ribs within the packaging for structural support, and much, much more. I sharpened up my drawing skills under Pieter's (the lead digital sketch and design engineer) guidance during my time as an intern and had the great pleasure of using a giant Cintiq to sketch concepts on. Brad (design engineer) also taught me all the Solidworks tricks and shortcuts that I did not learn in school. It was exciting to know that my drawings and models were being sent to actual customers who would then provide feedback on my work. I was delighted to also get to sit in on client meetings during my time as an intern and be able to directly ask questions and observe how all the specifications and requirements of the design are clarified. I helped brainstorm packaging solutions during my time there and realized thermoformed sheet-plastic definitely has its limitations, especially due to medical restrictions. But I've learned that there are still many clever solutions to be found if you start thinking outside the box. I truly will never look at plastic packaging the same again after this internship and look forward to continuing work with Nelipak in the near future as I finish up my last year of college."
Jane Ni, Nelipak Healthcare Packaging
"I am honored to have such an amazing internship with the office of Senator Jack Reed. I have gained more confidence in my field of study just by the exposure I have received in this office. My supervisor Erin Donovan is wonderful. She sat me down in the beginning and allowed me to choose my hours and gave me the option of what kind of work I wanted to do while interning in this office. Her goal was to maximize my time and experience here. I have been able to go out into the field and network with others. I also gain a better understanding of what exactly is going on in Rhode Island. I am provided with ample opportunities to engage in writing activities, like composing memos that would be sent to DC to relay information to the staff in that office, to keep them updated with what is going on in the district. This experience has made the transformation from school to work much easier as I gear up for graduation in May. I am excited to have this professional office on my resume and take the lessons I have learned here with me as I begin my career."
Morgan Whittier, Intern, Intern Office of United States Senator Jack Reed
"When I was in college, I worked, we didn't call it interning back then, for Gilbane Building Company. Now that I am in the position where I can bring in interns, I try to reach out to the Engineering and Construction Management Majors at the local universities, they provide the future leaders of our company. Interning helps the student see what it is really like in the major they chose and helps them look at their classes from a different perspective. The other added benefit is we get to see how they perform so that when it comes time to hire them, we'll know if they're a good fit. So it's a win win situation!"
John Sinnott, Gilbane Building Company
"Since 1987, Impco, Inc. has provided paid intern opportunities for Chemical Engineering students from the University of Rhode Island. Through this program, Impco has had the privilege of working with many bright young future engineers. They have helped in performing tests and the collection of data that was used to create new products. In return they gained valuable insight in working in a chemical manufacturing environment which helped them obtain positions in graduate schools and private and public employment. Impco has found working with college interns to be rewarding for both the company and the student and we plan on continuing the tradition for years to come."
Michael Ballou, Impco, Inc.
" My internship at the Rhode Island Afterschool Plus Alliance was an amazing experience that shaped my future career choices and perspective on education. I think I had a truly unique summer because RIASPA is a very small nonprofit with only three full-time employees (plus one intern- me!); however, it is housed within the United Way of RI, which is a very large nonprofit with diverse goals and a large number of employees. RIASPA deals with a very specific issue: learning loss during out-of-school time (or OST), whether that be summer or after school. United Way focuses on assisting low-income individuals with housing, education, income, and general information through the 211 help line. My summer internship allowed me to focus on RIASPA’s “main issue” while using the resources of the United Way’s large office and meeting a lot of new people. Another exciting aspect of my internship was its scope. RIASPA, as can be inferred by its title, deals with out-of-school and afterschool issues on a state-wide level. Though this internship is titled Impact Providence, I was lucky to have the opportunity to work closely with summer learning providers from around Rhode Island, and even visit summer learning programs in towns and cities such as Newport, Middletown, Cranston, West Warwick, Woonsocket, and Pawtucket. I traveled around the state with my supervisor Joseph Morra and was able to get a real sense of the education field in Rhode Island as a whole. This experience made me more appreciative of the small size of Rhode Island (small but mighty) and let me gain understanding not just of people and needs “off the hill”, but also outside Providence. Of course, I worked in Providence a lot (the United Way office is in Olneyville), but I enjoyed being able to learn about the needs of other communities in Rhode Island. I would absolutely accept this internship again, and I think it would a valuable experience for any Brown student interested in education. In fact, I am very fortunate to be able to continue my work at RIASPA over the next semester and possibly the next year. My supervisors Adam and Joseph (along with our coworker Michelle, a Brown graduate) offered me a paid part-time internship for the next semester. I am so excited to continue working for RIASPA; I really felt that my supervisors valued my work and I was able to contribute substantively. I learned a lot about learning loss and the importance of keeping students engaged during OST. If you had asked me before this summer if I believed in making sure students learn all year round, I might have said something about summer break being a much-needed vacation. However, after reading the data about learning loss in math and reading, I understand the importance of engaging students in new and creative ways during their summer vacations and afterschool time. I can’t wait to keep working with RIASPA next semester."
Hannah Nauen, Student Intern
"I have hired an intern at Lifespan for each of the last 12 Summers. Most of the interns I have taken have been undergraduate students with an interest in careers in either human resources or health care. This past Summer, I accepted an intern who was in the MBA program at URI. The intern worked over the Summer to update a labor forecast that we had completed in 2007 and 2010. The intern also developed a powerpoint presentation that I then used for a workshop I conducted at the national conference of health care human resources professionals in Washington, DC. After the intern worked with me for approximately eight weeks, he applied and was hired into a full time position by Lifespan. We were primarily focused on hiring someone from within the organization but because the intern was already with us, we made an exception and considered him an internal hire. Because we had an opportunity to work with this individual for a couple of months, we were pretty confident that he would do a good job in this new role. Over the 12 years I have taken a Summer intern, we have hired approximately half of them and have been able to successfully place all of the interns who were graduating either just prior or immediately following their internship with Lifespan."
Brandon Melton
"I am a full-time student who is going to obtain my associates degree from The Community College of Rhode Island this upcoming spring. I am also applying to universities to obtain my undergrad in computer science. I became interested in computer programming about a year ago and knew if I wanted to pursue a career in computers, an internship would be a great starting point. So that's when I went to and was able to easily make one account with my resume attached and then applied for several internships. When I heard from my current boss, I was ecstatic, just for the simple fact that someone was giving me an opportunity to pursue my passion. I knew it was going to be challenging to continue school full time, work as a bartender and have a internship, but I also knew it was exactly what I needed. During my time at Creative Circle Media, they have taken a great deal of time and patience in teaching me many aspects of computer programming. Them taking a chance with me, and my hard work has now led to me having a full time job. I am still learning and hope to always be learning. With hard work and motivation, good things will come."
Maegan Barney, Student & Intern at Creative Circle Media Solutions
"I have had a great experience interning at PARL. I got to see firsthand what it takes to run an animal shelter, and how to get the public to engage in adoptions and fundraising events. I was able to combine my love for animals with my education in communication, and I could not have asked for more from an internship. Even when my internship course ends I plan to remain an unofficial intern because I love the job and the people that I work with."
Mandy Wray Dion, Intern at Providence Animal Rescue League, Current Student
"I am a junior at Roger Williams University, majoring in public relations, minoring in marketing, with a core concentration in graphic design. I am currently on my fourth internship! Two of which have been marketing, two public relations, and three of them have been in Rhode Island. My internship experiences have been absolutely invaluable. Not only do I have a pretty great resume as a junior, but I have also developed a sincere passion for my major. I am dedicated to my ultimate goal of entering the professional world, and I would not be working toward that without the experiences that I've been offered. I've learned how to be part of a team, professionalism, public relations and marketing specific tasks, and overall gained a network of incredible contacts. I am a full-time student with two continuous jobs, and I've managed to hold four internships and succeed in them. I've been lucky enough to join four amazing companies and be exposed to the professional world in four entirely different ways, and I am so thankful for these great experiences. Let's hope they pay off!"
Chelsea Miceli, Current Student & Intern at R&D Technologies
"We are a small farm in Bristol, and we rely heavily on interns and volunteers. Bridge allowed me to reach a wider audience of students. I have had a wonderful intern who was receiving her MBA. Although I own a farm, we are a business and have room for all sorts of assistance. The intern fit in wonderfully. She was excited to use her knowledge for Indie in helping create databases, inventory and then was helpful in the fields planting and harvesting. I am looking forward to my next intern!"
Lee Ann Frietas, Indie Growers, dba