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Internship Testimonials

“Interning helps the student see what it is really like in the major they chose and helps them look at their classes from a different perspective. The other added benefit is we get to see how they perform so that when it comes time to hire them, we'll know if they're a good fit. So it's a win win situation!”

- John Sinnott, Gilbane Building Company

“I am honored to have such an amazing internship with the office of Senator Jack Reed... I have gained more confidence in my field of study just by the exposure I have received in this office. This experience has made the transformation from school to work much easier as I gear up for graduation in May.”

- Morgan Whittier, Intern

“My internship at the Rhode Island Afterschool Plus Alliance was an amazing experience that shaped my future career choices and perspective on education.”

- Hannah Nauen, Student Intern

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